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What to do: Look at the exhibit.

What do you see? What’s going on? The dots are placed in a circle and illuminated. They are turned off in succession so that only one dot is hidden at any point, blinking out in a circular motion. When an observer watches the exhibit for an extended period of time, they suddenly experience a new phenomenon and begin to view each hidden dot as a single point moving in a circle.

The point that the observer sees doesn’t actually exist, yet their eyes automatically monitor the imagined motion and perceive this dot as the only one present. The color of the non-existent dot is another fascinating feature that the human brain creates while observing this illusion. The brain not only sees the non-existent dot, but also perceives it in a color that is not in fact represented in the exhibit at all. This illusion is made possible through its specific design and presentation, alongside an artificially created environment which forces the brain to visualize what we experience as movement.

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