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!About Us


VR Pole is a creative technology studio that produces out-of-the-box “plug-and-play” digital solutions for marketing agencies, hotels, museums, galleries, sport clubs, tourism agencies, telecom providers and other inovative businesses.

All of our creative products, software and animation solutions are developed within the company.

We are an award winning creative technology studio from Zagreb, Croatia. Since our beginings in 2017 we have been awarded with many awards and media coverage for our inovations.


Some of our greatest achievements include being ranked among TOP15 promising EU startups and winning a “Creators for centuries” Award for Central and South-East Europe. In 2021 we won a Telly Award for Best use of XR in Tourism&Travel.

Our company also won a Gold medal for Best Innovation in Tourism in 2018 and A Design Award for excellence. We are particularly proud for being on the cover of one of the biggest media outlets for tourism – The Lonely Planet. Thanks to the visibility of our work, the European Union co-financed Hisstory Tour, a project that made City of Zagreb the first city in the world with public XR tour including 14 different locations.


Milan Gudeljević


Co-Founder of 2 international tech startups. 3 EU grants and several patents. Awarded innovator. XR pioneer. Dog person.

Tomislav Belačić

3D Generalist

Doctor of Blender and other animation software. No one knows about 3D more than Tomo. Husband and father of 2 children.

Dragan Vejnović

Creative Director

Creative director with travel in mind. „The world is my office“ isn’ just a philosophy for me – I take it seriously and literally.

Domagoj Baronica

Senior Software Engineer

The king of development and a moral vertical of the company. Husband, father of two and a rock'n'roll lover

Damir Balen

3D Visualisation Expert

3D artist with a special interest in martial arts, primarily mui tai. He lives a family life in a house near Zagreb.

Robert Puntar

Art Director

Husband, soon to be father, doctor, veterinarian, illustrator, art director and generally a person with a really great heart.